The Right Way to Ride Your New Mercedes G Class Through Mud

Mercedes G class offers the most pleasurable and smoother driving experience when it comes to driving through rough terrains, mud, gravel, or snow. If you have newly brought a Mercedes G class vehicle, and if you are unsure of how to ride it in the best possible way, then the following tips will help you.

What is new in the latest version of G class?

The all new G Class Wagen at Mercedes Nashville provides improved fording depth that is recorded to be around 27.6 inches at the time of driving through mud and water. The back tire of the vehicle is mounted in the form of an extra wheel that is pushed to the left-hand side to enhance rear visibility of the vehicle.

What type of performance enhancements can you see in newer G class models?

The latest model of Mercedes G Class comes with an increased height of driving seat of 10.6 inches present at the overhangs. It also has around 9.5 inches in between its wheels. The approach angles and departure angles are increased by a degree and have become 30 and 31 degrees at the front end and rear end respectively. The breakover angle is located at 26 degrees, i.e., one degree more than its earlier models.

Tips to ride your Mercedes G-Class safely through mud

Mercedes new G class comes with an inbuilt G-Mode feature that aids the rider at the time of going off the road. It engages a person they lock a minimum of 1 out of the 3 differentials or when the ’low range’ button is pressed.

The G-Mode works by softening the dampers. It changes the throttle response so that you can easily modulate it. Also, it changes the way the ATS or automatic transmission system moves through gears. When you are driving through mud, it is advised to lock the rear and the middle differential.

As you move through mud puddles, it will make your brakes wet. It will hamper its efficiency. So, what can be done is to tap the brake pedal. This will make it dry to again achieve maximum stopping power.


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