Five Tips for Helping You to Select Best Chalk for Rock Climbing

You can picture yourself at a gym, climbing wall or outdoors climbing a crag. You may use your sweaty palms but your hands may slip. In such situation, you will need a little climbing-chalk in order to get proper hold.

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People who are new to such rock climbing are aware about different types of chalks used for rock climbing. If you are not too sure about which type of chalk to purchase then reading this post can help.

  • Why to use any rock-climbing chalk?

Usually our bodies will naturally produce sweat for cooling off either due to physically overheating or our nerves often get overstimulated.

When you are several feet above ground level then it is a stressful situation. Rock-climbing chalk is made of magnesium carbonate that can wick away all the moisture to keep hands dry.

  • Know about different chalk types

Following are few types of climbing chalks –

  • Chalk block

Block form of chalk make less mess and you can break it as per your need.

  • Crushed chalk

Similar to above block chalk but available in pre-broken pieces.

  • Powdered chalk

These are loose chalk already crushed up into powder form.

  • Liquid chalk

These chalks are magnesium carbonate along with alcohol.

  • Get chalk bag

It is special bag where you will keep all your chalk in. You may get them in different size, shape, and having different features as per your preference.

  • Select the application method

Either you may use the chalk bag for applying chalk or you may dip your hands within a container and just coat your hands.

Also, you may apply the chalk by using chalk ball. Chalk balls will be less messy, but it will be difficult to apply the chalk evenly.

  • Remember a little can go a long way

You must understand that this rock-climbing chalk will not transform you as the world’s best climber. Also, you may not need several layers too. Remember that little of it may go a long way to keep the hands dry to help you climb.

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