4 Secrets of SXS Performance Driving Revealed

We have accumulated some of the best secrets from the winners of SXS and UTV races when it comes to performance driving. Even if you aren’t planning to make it a part of your career, it will help you have more fun on your adventure rides. So here are few of those secrets.

  1. Win the race before it even begins

Any kind of race needs confidence in your machine in order to succeed. When it comes to SXS, you wonder about those lug nuts are tight when thinking of bigger jumps. Clean and inspect your machine when you return home from the racing practice. If you find any issues, you can fix them beforehand. After cleaning and inspection, maintain and re-torque every important part of your vehicle. Also check the lug nuts, tire air pressure, ball joints, tie rod ends etc.

  1. Make the most of the practice sessions

Get yourself well familiarized with every part of the practice session. The beginning of the practice starts may give you an idea of the available traction and will let you know where you want to end up in the first run. During the practice session, ensure to find the main line and other available lines to ride off the beaten path.

  1. Jumps

Jumps are useful to be figured out during practice. It means that if you are thinking of clearing the bug doubles, then it is always better to conquer them during practice and not leave that during the race. According to the pros, jumping speed is similar to what is needed in an ATV. If you hit the same jump at the exact speed on any cote a cote de Performance NC, then you will fly in the same distance as well.

  1. During the race

Always can continuously to check what is in front of you to keep you on the right track. When it comes to chasing the fellow racers, always place your car half a length to the left so as to keep the roost out of his face. Nowadays, SXS can exert more than 100 hp and can rocket big rocks at you with quite an ease. Also be wary of where the roost is heading to keep the radiator clogs and overheating at bay. Overheating with mud is a problem. Always keep an eye on the temperature where your SXS goes limp. This mode will keep you grounded for minutes when the engine is cooling down and resetting at the same time. back out before you limp as it will help in saving serious position as you head towards the climax of the race.

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